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Aarin Gend was Lord Nasher's personal spymaster and played a part in protecting Neverwinter through the Wailing Death, the Cult of the Eye's plots and attack from Luskan.


A large human man with dark skin and hair.


As spymaster, he was determined and ambitious to succeed despite the consequences whilst he kept a calm, and at times witty, exterior. He also struggled with his loyalties and worried deeply about repeating a situation where he would have to choose between his work for Lord Nasher and his heart, but ultimately he always chose the greater good for Neverwinter.


As a rogue, Aarin had high persuasive skills, use of a blade and high stealth ability. He also could forge documents. During his time in Neverwinter, he showed skills in leadership and assisted in saving Neverwinter and its inhabitants.


Owned an amulet which he would have given away as a sign of his love for the recipient.


Aarin was an ally to Aribeth de Tylmarande and did his best efforts to find her when she was missing before ultimately discovering her betrayal and fighting against her. He also worked closely under Lord Nasher.


Aarin was born as a slave in Calimshan but escaped that life by killing his former master and avenging his mother's death, though he later revealed to being ashamed of the act. He went on to work for a pirate named Randall the Red in Sword Coast where he gained skills and information. Lord Nasher imprisoned Aarin after killing Randall but Aarin was soon given a chance to make up for his past mistakes.

Before the arrival of the Wailing Death in Neverwinter, Aarin worked undercover in the thieves guild in order to get close and kill the leader, Calliara. However, he had fallen in love with her and gave her an ultimatum: to leave the thieves guild and criminal life, and potentially run away together, or die at his hand under the command of the justice system. Neither of them backed down so a fight ensued and Calliara was killed in the process. Aarin continued to work for Lord Nasher and Neverwinter and aided both greatly.




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