Sphinxes are a race of intelligent, immortal magical beasts. It is said that they once held a vast kingdom given to them by the gods in an effort to teach mortals the way of truth. The sphinxes had their own methods, however, by teaching mortals to think for themselves with riddles and parables. The four most common subraces of sphinx are the androsphinx, criosphinx, gynosphinx, and hieracosphinx.[citation needed]


All sphinxes have leonine bodies with great feathery wings.[1] They possess the heads of humanoids, with their facial features being an attractive mix of humanoid and feline.[citation needed]


Sphinxes tend to be very solitary creatures and territorial. Many make their lairs within the ruins of ancient civilizations or in isolated caves. They are neither good nor evil, but follow their own path, just as any mortal can do.


Sphinxes spoke their own language as well as Common and Draconic.[1]



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Androsphinxes are a male subrace of sphinx. They are physically powerful creatures with inherent magical powers and a terrifying roar. While they tend to be short-tempered and terse, androsphinxes possess good-natured ideals and always attempt to do the right thing.[citation needed]


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A gynosphinx is a female sphinx. While not as physically powerful as an androsphinx, the gynosphinx is still a capable combatant and possesses a number of magical powers. The gynosphinx is the sole female sphinx subrace.[citation needed]

Gynosphinxes prefer to pursue intellectual ideals. They love to collect knowledge and ancient lore and delight in solving riddles, puzzles and mental challenges.[citation needed]

Other TypesEdit

  • Astrosphinx — Malevolent sphinxes whose heads resemble goat skulls[3],[4]
  • Canisphinx — Jackal-headed, predatory sphinxes[5]
  • Criosphinx — Male ram-headed sphinxes with low intelligence and generally the sole aim of finding a gynosphinx mate
  • Crocosphinx — Crocodile-headed, prefers to swim rather than fly.[5]
  • Dracosphinx[6],[7] — Evil, crocodilian sphinxes that lair on river banks (Third Edition version); sphinx with traits of a red dragon (previous editions' version)
  • Hieracosphinx — Evil, savage and animal-intelligent hawk-headed sphinxes
  • Loquasphinx — Leonine, knowledge-seeking sphinxes that are particularly interested in Truespeech (the language of Truenames)[8]
  • Luposphinx — Wolf-headed, forest-dwelling sphinxes[9]
  • Saurosphinx — Reptilian-faced, conversational sphinxes[5]
  • Threskisphinx — Ibis-headed, sagely sphinxes known for their skill as magical artisans[5]

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