The Tribe of the Elk was a nomadic group of Reghedman barbarians living in the tundra that comprised Icewind Dale.


After the Battle of Icewind Dale in 1351 DR, few tribe members were left, forcing women to scavenge for food on the tundra. Drizzt Do'Urden occasionally left slain reindeer where the tribe could find them. [5]

Wulfgar assumed control of the tribes after being released form the servitude of Bruenor Battlehammer and extensive training by Drizzt. He convinced his tribe to join forces with the men of Ten-Towns against the army of Akar Kessel, wielder at the time of Crenshinibon. With the help of the barbarians they were successful. Thinking of what might be best for his people, he split the tribe into two groups. One remained in Icewind Dale, led by Revjak, the other followed him to the south where his adoptive father Bruenor Battlehammer had reclaimed his childhood home Mithral Hall. They lived in a town called Settlestone. Originally a Dwarven town they rebuilt it after two hundred years of its vacancy. They lived a prosperous life working as traders and merchants for the dwarves. [citation needed]

After the death of their leader during the war with the drow, Berkthgar the new leader decided to return to their old way of life on the tundra.[2]

Upon Wulfgar's death, his son Bruenorson had been chieftain of the Tribe of the Elk for nearly a decade since the death of Kierstaad the Swift.[3]

In 1485 DR, the Tribe of the Elk had been led by Jarund Elkhardt for two decades. He cared little for the Ten-Towns and so under his rule, the tribe was the only group of Reghedmen who lived in peace with them. However, he struggled to name an heir when his own son, also named Jarund, was killed by a bear in 1482 DR.[6]

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