Verbeegs (pronounced: /vɜːrˈbigzvur-BEEGZ[4]) were giant-kin and were also sometimes known as human behemoths because they resembled humans more than any other giant race. Verbeeg were accomplished spear fighters.[citation needed]


A verbeeg was usually chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. They were typically smarter than most other types of giants, and were often found leading or bullying hill giants and ogres.[citation needed] They used their extreme cunning to their advantage where possible.[5]


The treacherous nature of verbeegs made such treachery the primary skill where the ordning was concerned. To advance in ranks, a verbeeg had to discredit or defeat a superior, by violence or any other means.[6]

Verbeegs had no concept of ownership and believed that everything was owned by everyone, so they took whatever they wanted without pause to think about it.[6]


Verbeeg primarily worshiped the god Karontor.[7]


The verbeeg race was created when Othea, wife of the giant deity Annam All-Father, had an affair with Ulutiu.[8]

Later, a band of verbeegs in the Ice Spires launched raids on the frost giants and managed to gather aid from the fomorians and voadkyn in the area, which was notable because the giant-kin did not often interact with other giant-kin races.[9]

Karontor sent his avatar into all the verbeeg tribes many years before the mid–14th century DR and, without revealing his true identity, recruited many scouts to keep him informed of the events occurring around Faerûn, as well as collecting artifacts for his unknown ends.[6]

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