The 'ud (OOD) was a stringed Zakharan instrument similar to both the lute or guitar.[1]

Because of its rich tone, the 'ud was often referred to as amir al-tarab which translated as "prince of enchantment" in Midani.[1]


An 'ud consisted of a short fretless neck attached to a widened pear-shaped body. This instrument typically had five double strings, though 'uds from the Free Cities of Zakhara had an extra string. The strings were plucked with a small pick made from bone or from the shaft of an eagle or roc feather. The body was made from wood, but it was not uncommon to see 'uds from the Crowded Sea region to have bodies made from a tortoise shell.[1]


The 'ud was a popular instrument among the wandering rawun of the Land of Fate.[1]


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