Year of Maidens
of Serôs
1361 DR 1336 CR 1573 TR 329 NR 5220 NY 1431 TS
3497 MC 3 PR 2611 1435 1779 3911

1361 DR in deities

  • Lolth sends a yochlol to Menzoberranzan during a sacrifice of a drow male. The handmaiden decrees the new laws of the Spider Queen. There should be peace among all houses, no drow must be sacrificed, even males and children should be treated well. All this is to strengthen the city after the turmoil and losses of the recent past. Until Lolth declares the end of this peace, every house that breaks these rules will be punished by her. The yochlol also named the new twenty strongest houses of the city.[1]

1361 DR in politics

1361 DR in conflicts

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  1. The year is deduced from the date for the prequel, Into the Void, being given as 1361 DR in the "Presenting . . . Seven Millennia of Realms Fiction" article from Wizards of the Coast, (also published in Dragon #196); the fact that Into the Void describes its entire story taking place in little more than 78 days, (See pp. 168, 172, 184, and 206); and p. 7 of The Maelstrom's Eye, which claims that Teldin had left his home of Krynn "just half a year ago". At the very latest, if Into the Void ended in Nightal of 1361, the last month of the year, The Maelstrom's Eye could thus not begin any later than the first few months of 1362 DR. The events of The Maelstrom's Eye are completed within a few months. (See pp. 89 and 166.)


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