Year of the Sword
of Serôs
1365 DR 1340 CR 1577 TR 333 NR 5224 NY 1435 TS
3501 MC 7 PR 2615 1439 1783 3915

1365 DR in conflicts

1365 DR in environment

  • Supporting their invasion of Rashemen, the Red Wizards of Thay melt glaciers in the Icerim Mountains. This leads to terrible flooding in Immilmar and Mulsantir, which the Witches handle.[2]

1365 DR in politics

  • Waterdeep establishes limited trade with Maztica and Zakhara but, owing to the danger involved in the sea journeys, a lot of ships are lost.[3] Twelve Waterdhavian ships arrive at Helmsport in Maztica, but the Lord-Governor of New Amn bars them access, owing to the council's restrictions on transoceanic trade. Several of the ships journey north and establish colonies. At the end of the year, eight of the ships return to Waterdeep, but three sink on the voyage. The remainder carry fresh trade for the Sword Coast North.[2]
  • The mariliths Ssaarn, Mulvassyss, and Amassyra rise to power as the new rulers of Hellgate Keep, forming a triumvirate.[2][4]
  • Alicia Kendrick is crowned as high queen of the Moonshae Isles.[2]

Migrations in 1365 DR

  • The Waterdhavians ships barred from Helmsport sail north, landing at Maztapan Island. From there, they found a colony called New Waterdeep near the Gulf of Kultaka. The Waterdhavian colonists negotiate and trade with the Kultakans, to the irritation of New Amn's Governor-General Cordell, as it limits New Amn's northern influence.[2]
  • Some of the Waterdhavian colonists from New Waterdeep continue north and build a second colony, Trythosford, at the mouth of a river on the mainland due west of Zilhatec Island.[2]
  • In Maztica, Tlincalli diviners create a gate and transport an expeditionary force of over a thousand of their people into the caves under Amn. The Tlincalli journey deeper into the Underdark and found the realm of Oaxapupta in the abandoned dwarf kingdom of Xothaerin.[2]

1365 DR in deities

  • Lliira, the Goddess of Joy,[5] sends a prophet to every temple of Waukeen announcing that she will act as regent for Waukeen's portfolio, listen to prayers, and grant spells to the worshipers of Waukeen until the Merchant's Friend returns.[6] Many of the Golden Lady's followers interpret this to mean their goddess is dead.[7]
  • Talos, god of destruction, attempts to replace worship of the Earthmother of the Moonshae Isles with that of the Faerûnian pantheon.[2]

1365 DR in organizations

1365 DR in people

Deaths in 1365 DR

  • Currag Blackstone, son and heir to Angus Blackstone, dies in mysterious circumstances, apparently falling 40 feet (12.2 meters).[9]
  • The legendary monster the "Elf-Eater" is slain in the Moonshaes.[2]
  • Grintharke, the balor ruler of Hellgate Keep, dies fighting seven Evereskan Elves in his Keep's gladiatorial arena through use of the artifact Shattering Swords of Coronal Ynloeth. He manages to take down three of them with him, while the other four eventually die fighting the other demons in the keep, with at least one of them killing his vrock lieutenant. Many more demons would die that night through in-fighting, each wanting to assume control.[10]


1365 DR in publications



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