Year of Rogue Dragons
of Ser么s
1373 DR 1348 CR 1587 TR 341 NR 5232 NY 1443 TS
3509 MC 15 PR 2623 1447 1791 3923

1373 DR in conflicts

Births in 1373 DR

Deaths in 1373 DR

1373 DR in people

1373 DR in environment

  • Elesias 7: The red dragon Thraxata sets many fires in Battledale, consuming a large part of the woodland there.[1][3]
  • Marpenoth 26: Vhostym the Sojourner completes his greatest arcane work and pulls one of the larger tears of Sel没ne out of orbit, however he dies a day later and the tear plummets to the ground, fragmenting into thousands of flaming pieces. This event becomes known as the Rain of Fire and is seen by tens of thousands of people, most of whom wrongly believe it was related to the Rage of Dragons.

1373 DR in organizations

  • A failed mystical rite in which an abomination is weaned on the blood of a god traps the Rotting Man in Dun-Tharos and raises hundreds of ancient demons in the Rawlinswood who slaughter all of the Talontar Blightlords.
  • The Blood of Morueme mindlessly slaughter their pureblooded hobgoblin relatives while their dragon masters are away. When the dragons return, they kill all of the surviving male hobgoblins, forcing the Blood of Morueme to perform the duties of the Red Flayers.
  • After becoming a dracolich, Mornauguth begins a Cult of the Dragon cell based in the High Moor dedicated to the worship of Shar.
  • The half-dragons of Battledale offer their services as guards to metallic dragons in the Dalelands who intend to sleep through the Rage of Dragons. Rumours circulate among chromatic dragons that they have a cure for the Rage, despite the half-dragons publicly refuting it. After Thraxata reacts badly to this news, the half-dragons organize themselves into the Sisterhood of Essembra, trying to abate the devastation wrought by local dragonkind.


1373 DR in publications

Short Stories
  • Realms of the Dragons
    • 16 Alturiak: An Icy Heart
    • 6 Ches: Penitential Rites
    • 25 Ches: How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
    • 1st and 2nd of Mirtul: The Prisoner of Hulburg
    • Late Tarsakh: Beer with a Fat Dragon
  • Realms of the Dragons II
    • Mirtul: The Strength of the Jester


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