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Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant
of Serôs
1287 MR 1462 CR 1699 TR 455 NR 5346 NY 1557 TS
3623 MC 129 PR 2737 1561 1905 4037

1487 DR in conflicts

  • 10 Hammer The First Tymanther-Unther War ends with a decisive Tymantheran victory.[1]
  • 9 Marpenoth The monks of Candlekeep are revealed to have several agents of other groups among their number, including netherese, red wizards and members of the Moonstars - including Laeral and Alustriel Silverhand. When the netherese monks attack their fellows, the others reveal themselves and battle for control of the library. Elminster deceives the netherese into believing that he is Telamont Tanthul and Larloch convinces him to use the wards of Candlekeep to bolster the new Weave but then betrays Elminster by stealing the power for himself.[2]
  • 9-13 Marpenoth: The flying city of Shade moves directly against Myth Drannor. Telamont Tanthul drains the energies of Myth Drannor's mythal in order to turn the new Weave into a Shadow Weave for his mistress. Larloch strikes against the elves in the confusion and the Srinshee appears to defend them. Shade eventually crashes into Myth Drannor but a hastily erected ward protects the Tree of Souls from the impact.[2]

Deaths in 1487 DR

  • 10 Hammer The war wizard Ilstan Nyaril sacrifices his life to allow the return of the god Azuth.[3]
  • 9 Marpenoth: Hadrhune is killed again. Telamont forbids his resurrection due to the potential interference of spirits trapped in the new Weave.[2]
  • 13 Marpenoth: Dove Falconhand succumbs to injuries sustained while rallying the baelnorn of Myth Drannor to come out of their tombs and defend their city.[2]

1487 DR in deities

1487 DR in environment

  • Abeir begins to re-separate from Toril in the spring, heralding volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The process is completed by the fall.[2]
  • Rumors abound about that chasms created by the Spellplague are disappearing.[12]
  • People and lands thought lost during the Spellplague begin to reappear.[12]
  • The winter of this year is longer than any other recorded in the Realms.[12]

1487 DR in organizations

  • The Court of Three, a secret society made up of shadovar survivors is established in one of the more intact towers of the Citadel of the Raven.[2]

1487 DR in people

1487 DR in politics

1487 DR in publications




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