A Harper's Companion was a series of songbooks written circa 1200 DR by the Cormyrian bard Cressaed Wood. It comprised three volumes, each containing a number of songs, which carried magical effects, similar to spells.[1]


Volume IEdit

There were twelve known finished copies of volume I, which contained cantrips. At least one copy was housed at Candlekeep, and the remaining copies were mostly found in private libraries.[1]

Volume IIEdit

There were five known finished copies of volume II, and these contained songs that, when performed, would act like spells. Candlekeep possessed one copy, a Master Harper possessed another, and the other known copy was in the hands of a private collector in Waterdeep, while the whereabouts of the other two copies remained unknown.[1]

Volume IIIEdit

There were only two known finished copies of the third volume, which contained songs with spell effects more powerful than those from the previous volumes. Although one copy was kept as a family heirloom by the Ironclaw bard family of Suzail, the other was lost, disappearing with its owner shortly after it was presented.[1]

This copy was discovered by Halarim Threesilver and his companions, a mercenary company who were scouting in Cormyr and western Sembia after the war with the Devil Dragon and the ghazneths. He wrote a letter home, telling of his discovery, which was dated Eleint 21, 1371 DR, but he and his companions were never heard from after that, and were presumed dead.[1]

The third volume was worth around 5000 gp, but due to its significance in Cormyr, scholars there might have paid up to 6000 gp. Since Candlekeep already possessed the other two volumes, it would have paid 10,000 gp or take it as the library's entrance fee.[1]

The third volume contained the following songs:[1]



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