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A Treatise on Earth Motes was a book written in the mid 15th century DR covering the bio-diversity that could be found among various types of earthmotes, as organized by size and origin of life.[1]

These micro-ecologies are fascinating in their own right, providing an environment in which species develop unmolested by the rest of the world.
— Excerpt from the treatise.[1]


The treatise discussed the differences of populations of non-sentient life that formed on smaller earthmotes compared to the communities of intelligent humanoids that could be found among the larger motes. Because little fauna and foliage grew atop the smaller motes, an abundance of insectoid and arthropodic creatures formed, in turn attracting several flocks of small avian animals upon which they fed. The larger motes on the other hand could foster the development of new cultures formed by existing sentient species, that have developed differently than their Toril-bound counterparts due to isolation from external influencers and homogeneous societal development.[1]

It even spoke in general terms of instances where existing populations became isolated from their previous ecology due to the cataclysm of the Spellplague.[1]


The orignal copy of A Treatise on Earth Motes could be found in the forward camp set up by Company Yargo on Pirates' Skyhold in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR.[1]



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