Abarax was a pit fiend that managed to depose and assume the identity of Lord Orgauth until he was slain by Scyllua Darkhope.[3]


Abarax in his true form stood 12ft (3.6m) tall.[2]


Abarax had been summoned and imprisoned by one of Lord Orgauth's mages until 1368 DR when armies sent by Cyric attacked Zhentil Keep. During the attack, the mage who had imprisoned Abarax was killed and the pit fiend managed to escape his bonds. Once free, Abarax stumbled across the body of Lord Orgauth, who had died whilst trying to return to his family. Abarax disposed of his body and hatched a plan to take on the dead lord's identity by transforming into his form.[4]

Later, Abarax gated in an erinyes ally named Eshaeris to pose as a courtesan named Desmonda, who'd vanished in the siege. Only they knew eachother's secret identities. Together, they used their magic to befuddle the various nobles and lords, leaving them rulers of Zhentil Keep.[4]

Abarax ruled absolutely until, one cold winter night in 1370 DR, Scyllua Darkhope sought out and confronted "Lord Orgauth". However, Abarax surrendered to her, then swayed the paladin of Tyr with honeyed words and feigned apologies.[3] However, it was Eshaeris as Desmonda that cemented Scyllua's fall when, jealous of the attention the young and misguided paladin was getting from her lord, she slowly warped her mind with skillful lies and plotted truths and convinced Scyllua to slay Lord Orgauth. A few months later, Lord Orgauth was no more.[3][5]


In his guise of Lord Orguath, Abarax was known to carry +2 plate mail and a +2 bastard sword.[4]



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