Abazigal was one of The Five, the group of powerful Bhaalspawn who rose to prominence during the time of the fulfillment of Alaundo's prophecy about the children of Bhaal.[1]


The offspring of Bhaal and a blue dragon, he could assume the form of either a humanoid hybrid with reptilian features, or a powerful blue dragon. In humanoid form, he used Gram the Sword of Grief in battle and was a powerful kensai. He had a green dragon slave that guarded his room with a wardstone, his son Draconis, and a number of lesser creatures such as water weirds and a greater werewyvern.[1]


He had his lair in a cavern complex somewhere in Tethyr and was amassing an army. When he was met by Gorion's Ward, he told the ward that he had watched the party's progress with great interest. He mocked the ward, saying that they were amusing for a lesser creature. He believed that only a dragon was worth of having Bhaal's blood within him, and initiated combat with the ward.[2][1]

Blue Dragon (Abazigal)

Abazigal in his dragon form.



  1. The Throne of Bhaal novelization states that Abazigal was born to a true dragon mother, who had been impregnated by Bhaal while the deity was in the form of a great wyrm. This coupling apparently produced a half-dragon.


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