The Abbey of Everard was an abbey dedicated to the god of knowledge, Oghma.[1]


Following the Dusk Road north of Iriaebor about half-a-day's ride, there was a standing stone, marking a road branching off the Dusk Road. Following the road up a low, rounded hill led to the abbey.[1]


It was a large edifice of gray stone, its ornately embellished spires rising above a walled courtyard. The entrance was a large stout oaken gate. A rope dangled near the gate that was tied to a bell.[1]

The entrance hall, past the courtyard, was a high, narrowed room, paneled with mahogany. Faded frescoes decorated the ceiling, as well as intricate stained-glass windows. The building had a cellar and the library was filled with books.[2]

Tyveris's spare chamber was small, furnished only with a low bed, a chest, and a table with two chairs. The floor was of stone and it had a simple woven mat on it.[2]


The monks of the abbey wore simple brown robes. The head monk of the Abby was Abbess Melisende. One of the monks was Loremaster Ebrelias, an old man, and another was Loremaster Avros.[3]

They took in any orphans and raised them as their own.[3]


In 1363 DR, Caledan Caldorien went to the abbey to find his old friend and member of the Fellowship of the Dreaming Dragon, Tyveris, so that he could help him free his friend Ferret Talondim from an execution in Iriaebor.[3]


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