The Abbey of the Sword was a large temple to Tempus in Battledale, which was built atop a network of caverns leading to portals to the Underdark.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

The abbey's founder, Eldan Ambrose led the abbey until his death during a battle with drow. After Ambrose's death, the abbey was led by Priest-General Gorym Harndrekker who commanded two companies of fifty warriors each. Each company was led by a First Sword.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The temple was founded by an Amnian priest named Eldan Ambrose shortly after the Time of Troubles. Ambrose followed a vision of Tempus to a long abandoned castle five miles southwest of Essembra.[2] He rebuilt the castle and established the abbey on the site. Over the next decade the abbey established an alliance with Battledale and worked to clear the surrounding area of its monstrous inhabitants. During this period they discovered portals to the Underdark.[3]

In 1371 DR a force of drow slipped through an unknown portal and attacked the abbey. Eldan Ambrose was killed in the attack but the portal was destroyed.[3]

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