Abolethic Sovereignty is a trilogy of novels written by Bruce R. Cordell.


Raidon Kane emerges from the Spellplague with a sapphire tattoo burned into his flesh, strange supernatural powers that aid him in fighting aberrant monstrosities such as aboleths, and eleven missing years, spent encased in crystal. Everything he knew has changed. His daughter is dead, his home has been destroyed, and the world desperately needs his help.

A nightmare empire bent on reducing the world to chaos, known as the Abolethic Sovereignty, has begun to stir. Meanwhile, a powerful artifact known as the Dreamheart is infecting weak minds with twisted dreams of power if only they serve its ancient, alien masters. As the corrupted fight over the Dreamheart and use it to their own ends, they unknowingly aid the Sovereignty in realizing its terrible aim.

If Raidon is to have a chance at defeating the Sovereignty, he will need help. Guidance from an abandoned construct created to monitor and hold prisoner the high priest of the Sovereignty. A weapon—forged by those who fought the Sovereignty before him—lost in the Spellplague— infested Plaguewrought Lands. And allies uncorrupted by the power of the Sovereignty, allies he can trust . . . if he can find them.

Books in the series Edit

Month and YearTitleAuthorPagesISBN
December 2008Plague of SpellsBruce R. Cordell320ISBN 978-0-7869-4965-6
September 2009City of TormentBruce R. Cordell320ISBN 978-0-7869-5184-0
August 2010Key of StarsBruce R. Cordell352ISBN 978-0-7869-5628-9



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