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An abominable yeti was a huge and monstrous yeti that was several times more powerful than a regular tundra yeti.[1][2]


Abominable yetis were around three times taller than humans,[1] such that were even larger than hill giants.[2] They were superior to other tundra yetis in almost every way, apart from being somewhat less dexterous. Abominable yetis were not just larger and stronger versions of yetis; they even had unique abilities, such as being able to breathe a freezing cone of frigid air over their enemies.[1]

They were perceptive, and despite their towering height, were surprisingly stealthy.[1]


Such monstrosities were hateful and predatory. They were territorial and would attack warm-blooded creatures on sight. The yetis would subsequently devour the creatures, and toss their remains across the icy plains.[1]


Abominable yetis made very tough opponents in combat. They were even stronger than frost giants, and could take about three times more damage than regular yetis before falling to their deaths. The most powerful ability of such yetis was to breathe a deathly cold cone of air over multiple opponents in front of them.[1]

As with regular yetis, abominable yetis were highly inclined to the cold, and thus could resist cold-based attacks. They also feared fire, which would put even the most hulking abominable yetis at a disadvantage.[1]


These yetis would often live and hunt alone, but it was not unreasonable for them to be found in pairs, usually when raising young.[1]

Notable Abominable Yetis[]



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