Abominations were a loosely organized group of creatures of varying origin left over from the Dawn War between the gods and their primordial adversaries. Many abominations were either weapons forged for the purpose of destruction or creatures created out of the ashes of the war. Some were created purposefully by gods, others by primordials, and others were complete accidents, created inadvertently. All were of either immortal or elemental origin and some shared aspects of both.[1]


As either intentional or accidental creations of deities, abominations had a spark of divinity within them. They aged extremely slowly and required very little sustenance. They possessed a variety of horrid, misshapen forms, but all shared a common hatred for their creators and all creatures whose existence was natural.[2]

Types of AbominationsEdit


Some abominations occasionally broke free from their imprisonment or were found and brought to the Prime Material plane[2] and to Toril in particular. In the late 15th century DR, the lich Acererak brought an atropal he had found in the Negative Energy plane to Chult and attempted to nourish it with necromantic energy by feeding it the souls of the Torilian dead.[4]




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