Abrians were intelligent ostrich-like creatures who dwelt in the Abyss and other sparsely populated regions of the Outer Planes. They traveled in flocks and had supernatural shrieks.[1]


Abrians strongly resembled ostriches, though there were visible distinctions. Instead of wings, an abrian had small, weak arms, similar in form and skin texture to its much larger legs, but more humanoid. The beak resembled the bulbous hooked beak of a dodo bird, and it was extremely sharp. Most of an abrian's feathers were black, with orange-red tail-feathers and hip-feathers, and the feathers individually were shorter and spinier than typical avian feathers. The plumage ran up in a short bristle mane along the back of the abrian's long neck to its forehead, and the neck itself curved forward like that of a swan.[1]

Like the ostrich, it was flightless.[1]

Society and CombatEdit

Abrians were intelligent and spoke Abyssal.[1] They lived in flocks and might be found in hunting flocks of up to ten and communal flocks of up to forty.[1] Hunting flocks typically encircled their quarries before attacking in pairs.[1] They were also known to trade with nomads and travelers, valuing both standard and magical items.[1]


In addition to its razor-sharp beak, the abrian had an extremely loud shriek that supernaturally dazed and distressed its opponents, though abrians themselves were immune to the shriek's influence.[1] A group of shrieking abrians could bring on temporary deafness.[1]


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