Abyssal chickens were small fiends native to the Abyss.[2]


Abyssal chickens were small creatures. They had leather wings but were not capable of sustained flight. Their wings were folded above them, giving them a tear-shaped appearance. They had a large mouth filled with fangs and a long tongue. Abyssal chickens' primary form of locomotion was their two large legs, which ended in feet resembling those of a regular chicken. Each foot had three large claws.[1]


Abyssal chickens used their claws and fangs to defend themselves or attack prey.[1] They were fast runners and used their wings to increase their speed.[1]


Native to the Abyss, abyssal chickens were found on Avernus. They were spawned fully-grown in the Spawning Trees. The trees held fleshy sacks on their branches, and when mature they fell to the ground, breaking open.[2]


Abyssal chickens were hunted and used as a food item. Their flesh had a taste identical to that of a fatty chicken. They were sometimes used as familiars.[2]

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