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Abyssal drakes were wild, fiendish creatures related to, and combining the worst traits of, demons, red dragons, and wyverns.[1]


Abyssal drakes most closely resembled wyverns, with two legs, large bat-like wings, a serpentine neck, and a tail that ended in a stinger. Their scales were dark red due to their demonic heritage.[1]


Abyssal drakes were wild and aggressive creatures.[1]


Abyssal drakes possessed the same fear-inducing aura of true dragons, as well as a breathe weapon in the form of 60‑foot-long (18‑meter) cone of unholy fire. They themselves were immune to damage caused by fire and magic that induced sleep or paralysis, and resistant to damage caused by acid and electricity; however, they were vulnerable to ice and cold.[1]

Additionally, the stinger on the end of the tail was venomous.[1]


Abyssal drakes attacked by diving down towards their prospective prey, then strafing the area with their breathe weapon before picking off the scattered survivors. They attacked with the jaws, claws, and stinger; it must be noted that their claws lacked the dexterity to pick creatures up.[1]


Abyssal drakes, true to their name, lived in the Abyss. They were predatory creatures that lived either alone or in flights of up to six individuals.[1]


Abyssal drakes were actually fiends, the result of an ancient breeding program that mixed wyverns, demons, and even red dragons in an attempt to create mounts for mighty demon princes. However, the abyssal drakes proved too wild and uncontrollable for such service, and eventually were released to roam the Abyss.[1]



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