Acham el Jhotos, whose full name was Acham yn Aban el Jhotos, yi Almraiven and who was commonly referred to as the Weavepasha, was a mighty wizard and the ruler of Almraiven in Calimshan. He was considered to be one of the most powerful mortals alive in 1479. His entire life was dedicated to defending the city of Almraiven from djinn, efreet, and other menaces. He appeared as an older man but in reality was much older. His oldest granddaughter, the vizar Munaa yr Oma el Jhotos, was nearly 100 years old. Acham was an abolitionist who wanted to free all the slaves in Calimshan.[1]


Acham el Jhotos appeared as an older, grey-haired man with olive skin and a short-trimmed grey beard that ended in a sharp point.[1]



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