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Achazar the Raging Flame was a fire primordial who ruled the Windrise Ports of Laerakond centuries before the Spellplague transported that landmass to the world of Toril.[1]


Originally, Achazar had the form of a swirling column of fire that burned so hot that even fire-breathing dragons feared to come too close to him.[1] After he fell asleep, he took the shape of a static, ever-burning cylindrical pillar of fire about 100 foot (30 meters) high.[2]


After the primordials were sent to Abeir, Achazar ruled over the lands later known as the Windrise Ports.[1][3] Legends held that he used one of the mountains of the Nightmare's Hoof mountain range as his throne.[5]

As time passed on, Achazar began to move less and less, troubling his slaves on a few occasions. One day, centuries before the Spellplague, Achazar stopped completely and fell into a deep sleep and never woke again. When the slaves realized that Achazar didn't answer to their inquiries, they declared themselves free. Dragons still shunned the Windrise Ports out of fear of Achazar, who slept in the form of a giant pillar of fire amid Tarmalune, allowing the Windrise Ports to grow in wealth and influence across Abeir. As of 1479 DR, most locals didn't know what the burning pillar in the center of Tarmalune really was, and sailors used Achazar as a sort of beacon to navigate the Dragon Sea, since his light shone brightly day and night regardless of weather.[1]

However, although Achazar was sleeping, he was still somewhat aware of his surroundings. He was able to harm those he disliked or aid those he favored, no matter how distant those individuals were from the site of the fiery pillar.[2] Sometimes, he also burned Tarmalune's buildings for no reason. The Firequench Order was created to deal with Achazar's spontaneous fires across the city.[6] Some evil cults, such as the Cult of Reborn Flame, paid homage to him and tried to awake him once more.[4] The followers of Cirotralech, however, believed Achazar was a "false god" and a "pretender".[7]

Within Achazar's consciousness lived a mysterious sphinx named Firaleene, who had been dwelling there since Achazar fell asleep and transformed into the pillar of fire.[8]





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