Acid bolt, not to be confused with acid arrow, was an exceptionally old conjuration spell used in the Underdark. Wizards from the surface saw this spell as an improved version of Melf's acid arrow, but it was actually completely different.


The spell, which had a large range of 600′, was essentially a linear stream of acidic liquid emanating from the wizard's hands. Once in contact with the target, a splash of acid would affect other targets within a 20' range, but caused less damage than that to the direct target.[1]


As well as a verbal and somatic component, an assortment of objects were needed as material components. These consisted of a specific pointed object (needle, dart, thorn or icicle) to act as the bolt; saliva from the wizard; a sphere (either glass or crystal); and a vial of acid.[1]


Being an incredibly old spell, the exact origin and creator were unknown. However, it was thought to be older than the Descent of the drow in −10,000 DR.[1]



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