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The Acolytes of Corruption were a faction within the Order of Blue Fire that worshiped the Spellplague at the Cathedral of Madness in the Chasm of Neverwinter.[1]


The Acolytes carried crystal talismans that allowed them to bypass the protective wards within the Cathedral of Madness.[1]


Members of the Order of Blue Fire were drawn to the Chasm by rumors of Spellplague erupting from within the ruined Cathedral of Mystra. Upon arriving, they declared the Cathedral to be a holy site and began spreading a message of submission to the Spellplague. Their mad preaching drew the attention and ire of Scar Company, and under the direction of Quorthon, an adventurer was sent to eliminate the Acolytes.[1]


The Acolytes included enforcers, foulspawn and plaguechanged minions, and Blue Fire Accordants, who were powerful Spellplague disciples.[1]

The leader of the Acolytes was Senoblith the Corruptor, and beneath her were four lieutenants: Hazdrobel, Nala, Onfrey, and Thormund.[1]



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