Adaerglast, also known as the Land of Mages, was a coastal region in the west of the Border Kingdoms. Its coastline was sometimes known as the Garden Coast because it was one of the most fertile areas of farmland in Faerûn. "Adaernen" was the word used to describe inhabitants of Adaerglast.


Some time ago (the exact year is not clear)[as of when?], two mages named Iraun and Srivven immigrated from Murghôm and built a castle in the city of Myrinjar. The castle became known as the Castle of Dark Dreams because the mages sent out magical dreams to the city's inhabitants that appeared to show them as the rightful rulers of Adaerglast. The mages adopted bodyguards and other servants to do their bidding and killed those who they deemed to be traitors. These traitors' lands were seized and their relatives sold into slavery.[1]

An alliance of wizards and temples from the nearby town of Yallasch was supported by Halruaa and Waterdeep and stood guard against invasion by Iraun and Srivven. Various attempts were made to defeat the mages, but the Zhentarim, Red Wizards, and an emissary from Halruaa all failed. An unsuccessful attempt by the Calishites was made using magic to try to turn the mages against one another.[1]


The badge of Adaerglast was a wickerwork basket full of round red fruit (thought to be tomatoes) on a white circular field whose border was a purple ring of lightning bolts arcing out in all directions, on a green background.[2] Apparently images of this badge do not exist.[1]



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