Adalon was a silver dragon living in the Underdark near the city of Ust Natha. Her task was to guard the drow city and maintain peace and the balance between the drow and the elves of Suldanessellar.[1]


When Jon Irenicus and his drow allies planned to attack Suldanessellar in 1368 DR, the mage stole Adalon's eggs and held them for ransom, giving them to the matron mother of one of the houses in Ust Natha.[1]

To retrieve the eggs, Adalon sought to enlist the aid of a group of adventurers chasing Irenicus, proposing to turn them into the likeness of drow so that they might infiltrate the drow city, Ust Natha. She told the adventuring group to pretend that they were drow, with their leader named Veldrin from Ched Nasad, a well known drow city. The silver dragon would give them drow house insignia. She would also use her illusion magic to allow the group to comprehend the drow language, as if they had spoken it their entire lives.[1]

The Matron mother, Ardulace Despana, wanted to use the dragon's eggs as a tribute for a demon invoked during a ritual.[1]




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