Adalwulf Longfang was the honorable chieftain of the Uthgardt Red Tiger tribe located primarily in the Cold Wood.[3]


Under Adalwulf's rule, the Red Tigers were strictly a wild and solitary tribe.[3] Adalwulf's goal in life was teaching his son Shinoras how to rule with honor. Over the years, he felt the cold touch of age and the feelings of being a burden on the tribe, but Shinoras refused to become chieftain of the tribe until his father passed away.[1]


Longfang married Shala Longfangwife and had one son Shinoras.[2]


In 1368 DR, all Adalwulf's dreams vanished with the death of Shinoras. His nephew, Thradulf Longfang became his heir and took the role of making decisions for the tribe.[2]



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