Adama's Tooth was a lone mountain found in Durpar in the Shining Lands.[1][2]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The mountain towered over the surrounding terrain, reaching a height of 21,000 feet (6,400 meters) which caused the city of Huorm, located 25 miles (40,000 meters) to the east, to experience an early dusk each day.[2]

The mountain sat at the northern end of the Tail, forming a natural end to the peninsula.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Snow and ice covered the higher altitudes of Adama's Tooth, but pine trees grew on the slopes below.[2]

Activities[edit | edit source]

Given the high cost of importing lumber from the north, pine lumber was logged from the mountain even though the process was difficult.[2]

The Salipur chaka was active on the mountain mining the rich iron and copper deposits harbored by the rock. The Salipur chaka also attempted to harvest ice from the mountain with the hopes of exporting it in magically sealed boxes, but this venture turned out be a colossal blunder.[2]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

A tribe of yeti inhabited the upper slopes of Adama's Tooth, preying on the mountain goats that also lived in the mountain as well as the occasional logger. This was the only known tribe of yetis to be found within thousands of miles.[2]

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