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An adamantine golem, sometimes called an adamantite golem, was a huge and extraordinarily powerful construct of unmatched strength.[1]


Adamantine golems generally looked similar to iron golems, but were more ornate, and gleamed as adamantine would. Such golems stood five times as tall as humans, but weighed 200 times as much, totaling around 32,000 pounds (15,000 kilograms).[1]


These constructs did not and could not speak, and did not have a scent. They moved around twice as slow as humans, but their mighty stomp caused the ground to shake, which could be felt up to 100 feet (30 meters) away.[1]


Adamantine golems were often impossible to beat in combat. Getting too near to such constructs would cause the combatants to be stomped, instantly killing all but the most skilled adventurers. The constructs were completely immune to magical and supernatural effects, making attacking safely from range a large problem.[1]


These golems were, in the first stage, constructed from large amounts of iron, which was then magically changed into adamantine, by using a wish spell. They were extremely expensive to craft, at 525,000 gp, making them even more valuable than spelljamming vessels, such as neogi deathspiders. Only the most excellent combination of magic, and epic craftsmanship of both armor and weapons, could even attempt to make adamantine golems. Furthermore, the construction of these golems would permanently drain the mages of power. The mages also needed to be able to cast an array of the most powerful spells known, such as Bigby's crushing hand, geas/quest, and wish.[5] For these reasons, adamantine golems were very rare, and were almost never found by adventuring parties.[1]


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