Adarbrent (pronounced: /ɑːˈdɑːrbrɛntah-DAR-brent[4]) was a noble family that lived in Waterdeep during the 14th century DR. They were among the leading shipping clans as of 1372 DR, possessing the city's third-largest fleet and holding strong ties with the Master Mariners' Guild.[3]

The family were founding members of Horizon Armada, a league of ship-owners among the city's nobility that managed the sea lanes, coordinated their various fleets, and commissioned maritime maps. Their headquarters was the Horizon Sails building within the Dock Ward.[3]



The family traveled from Cormyr to Waterdeep in 1310 DR to seek further wealth and prosperity with the Adarbrent Shipping Company. Finding immediate success, they quickly improved their station in life, joining Waterdeep's nobility in 1317 DR.[3]

Lady Adarbrent gave birth to her third son, Ellis in 1344 DR. Some time later she passed away. Lord Royus never stopped mourning her death.[3]

In the spring of 1372 DR, the impulsive and adventurous Syllia eloped to New Waterdeep with her lover, and fellow Harper, Farid al-Nisr. Lord Royus and her brothers didn't respond well to the news.[3]

While some of Royus's brothers in House Adarbrent became rich from the cross-sea trade with New Waterdeep on the continent of Maztica, the Deepwater War left the family financially unsure. Following these developments, Lord Royus began to explore borrowing gold, at a very low interest rate, from Fahd yn Sarsor al-Nisr, Syllia's father-in-law.[3] Unbeknownst to anyone in House Adarbrent, the senior Al-Nisr was Yrshelem within the Rundeen, who sought to takeover the financial holdings of the Waterdhavian family.[6]



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