Adarus were cunning, mobile tanar'ri demons that enjoyed corrupting other beings and collecting minions.[1]


Adaru demons looked like massive millipedes with humanoid, vaguely child-like, faces. Their bodies were crusted with filth and weeping sores.[1]

Adarus were approximately 8 feet (2.4 meters) long and weighed as much as 250 pounds (110 kilograms).[1]


Adarus were highly mobile demons, easily capable of climbing, swimming, and even burrowing at speed. Additionally, adarus constantly emitted a poisonous mist from their body that slicked the surrounding ground, damaged non-evil beings, and aided evil beings. They were also immune to spells that restricted movement. If a battle went against an adaru, it would use its greater teleport ability to flee.[1]

Adaru demons were intelligent and often recruited minions from the ranks of weaker demons. When lies failed, they used their natural charm ability to "recruit" the weaker demon anyway.[1]

Like all tanar'ri, adarus were immune to poison and electricity, and could attempt to summon other demons (in their case, babaus) once a day. They spoke a number of languages, and had telepathy with a 100 feet (30 meters) range.[1]


Adarus were said to be born in the Abyss whenever a mortal spoke an untruth that had grave consequences. Because of this, they were said to be treachery and deception given form.[1]

Adaru did not need to eat or drink, but nonetheless enjoyed feasting on the bodies of their victims.[1]

Natives of the Abyss, adarus were most common on the 444th layer, where their vile excretions had turned the barren landscape into a morass of toxic mud.[1]


Adaru demons were intensely aware of their standing in relation to more powerful demons. To compensate, they used their cunning to recruit and exploit large groups of lesser demons. They cared nothing for these minions and sacrificed them without hesitation.[1]

Adarus loved wealth and collected it as a sign of their own importance. Additionally, they were fascinated by body parts that they did not have and would collect examples of these as mementos.[1]

Adaru demons were known servitors of the goddess Talona; in fact, it was held by some scholars that she was responsible for their creation.[1]




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