Addazahr, or Backbiters, were tiny flying insects that lived in Zakhara’s deserts, hills, and plains.[1]


These tiny creatures were only 2 inches (5.1 cm) long. Their bodies were extremely thin and pale, giving them the appearance of strands of hay floating on the breeze. Their fragile wings were nearly invisible when in flight.[1]


These creatures were not aggressive and did not enter into combat in the traditional sense. Their bite injected a debilitating saliva that caused soreness and mild swelling of the joints. Pack animals were especially susceptible to this bite and would refuse to move if bitten enough times.[1]

Unless cured by a cure disease spell or potion, the effects of an addazahr bite lasted for two weeks before wearing off naturally.[1]


Addazahr constantly flew around in small groups in search of food, searching for warm blood which they used to reproduce. After feeding on live blood an addazahr would become a female, laying eggs within three days. The nearly invisible eggs were deposited on whatever terrain was available, hatching a month later. Addazahr could nor reproduce until they were at least three months old and lived up to a year before dying of natural causes.[1]


These insects were parasites, though they sometimes served as accidental pollinators. As partial scavengers they fed on other dead creatures but could not use this blood to reproduce.[1]



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