Adimarchus, called the Demon Prince of Madness, was a demon lord and the former ruler of the abyssal layer of Occipitus.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Adimarchus had two forms, and could shift between them at will. The first one was reminiscent of his past self as a planetar: a beautiful androgynous angel with pale purple skin, a pair of metallic golden wings, and black eyes. While similar in stature, his second form had ash-black skin and white eyes, and the wings were replaced by four shadowy tentacles ending in lamprey's maws. In both forms, Adimarchus' right eye burned with a smoking flame, a sign bestowed on any creature destined to rule Occipitus.[2]

Powers[edit | edit source]

As the ruler of Occipitus, Adimarchus could draw tremendous evil power from the fabric of the layer itself. He could remake the landscape with a wave of his hand, and could control magic use across the layer. He had the power to create powerful mummy lords[1] and to summon other tanar'ri and he had access to various spell-like abilities.[2]

As the Demon Prince of Madness, Adimarchus had the power to plant fragments of his consciousness into the minds of distant creatures, even on different planes.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Adimarchus was a fallen planetar[1] who once led a demonic army with the goal to invade Celestia. During that battle and in order to contain the invasion, the angels detached a portion of the plane and cast it into the Abyss, where it merged with the existing layer of Occipitus.[2]

Adimarchus survived the battle, and became the ruler of the layer by incorporating the wreckage of Celestia into Occipitus, becoming a demon lord in the process. As a demon lord he often waged war against his most powerful rival, the demon lord Graz'zt.[1]

During his reign, Adimarchus created the Test of the Smoking eye, a difficult challenge that would be used to find a suitable successor should anything happen to him.[1]

After several hundred years of rule, Adimarchus was betrayed by Athux, the son of Graz'zt, and disappeared from Occipitus.[3][4] He was imprisoned in Orthrys, the first layer of Carceri, where he was driven to madness.[2][5] Some sages suggested that Adimarchus's deposition, together with Waukeen's imprisonment in Azzagrat in 1370 DR and his numerous other schemes, was a component of Graz'zt's plot to unify all demons of the Abyss.[6][7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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