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Administrator genies were special tasked genies in Zakhara who served the bureaucracies of humans as well as other genies. They served as diplomats, advisers, and general bureaucrats.[1] They often worked under warmonger genies.[2]

Administrator genies were once either marids or djinn.[1][2]


The first administrator genies were created by the efreet from captured slaves. The efreet were only able to successfully create the administrators from two families of genies—a single djinn family and a single marid family. Because of this, all later administrators still referred to each other with familial names such as uncle, brother, father, etc. assuming they came from the same family. Administrators from opposing families held a rivalry with each other.[2]


These genies were tall compared to humans and walked with a noble bearing. Most were very attractive. They wore clothing appropriate for their position, but preferred silks that showcased their physiques. Administrator genies had tan skin with a slight bluish tint.[1]


All administrator genies could use telepathy to communicate mentally with any creature possessing anything higher than animal intelligence. These genies could either fly or swim with the same skill as whatever genie with which they shared their heritage, though they typically reserved this power for emergencies.[1]

Administrators could use the following spells: friends, tongues, ESP, suggestion, and unseen servant.[1]

They usually carried magical items that would prove useful in a bind.[1]


Most administrators considered their profession to be honorable and enjoyed their work. Though they held a wide range of positions, they worked hard to rise in power.[1]

Administrators preferred to wield their power while remaining hidden from the public eye.[1]

It was fairly common for a family of administrators to work together, especially within a large government. It was fairly common for a job position to pass from one family member to another when one was promoted. Any administrator who worked alone could count on their family for help if needed.[1]

Marid administrators and djinni administrators were almost always rivals of some sort. Bound administrators were never as efficient in their work as a free genie willingly working for a bureaucracy.[1]


If treated well, administrator genies could have drastic positive effects upon a bureaucracy. However, if treated poorly by their master, they would do everything in their power to wreak havoc.[1]

Notable Administrator Genies[]

  • Vrinda, the administrator of the Palace of the Phoenix in Cursrah[3]


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