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Advespas were female baatezu devils that resembled huge, black wasps. They monitored the blackened skies of the infernal planes and captured those they were commanded to.[1][2]


Advespas appeared as giant wasps roughly the size of bears.[3] While their heads featured dripping mandibles and antenna-like horns, they also had the face of a deformed woman.[1][3] A barbed, stinger was located at the end of their lower abdomens, which could be raised above their heads like the tail of a scorpion. Most advespas were entirely black, with a chitinous exoskeleton and insectoid wings as dark as obsidian. Some smaller advespas however, possessed horizontal markings of yellow, orange or red on their abdomens.[1]


Like most devils, advespas were cruel creatures with a strong sense of order. They were highly disciplined and were able to easily cooperate with one another.[2]


Acid or holy power was required to harm an advespa without it regenerating. They could summon a couple more advespas once a day with a variable rate of success. Three times a day, an advespa could cast at will change self, command, produce flame and pyrotechnics.[1]


Advespas normally used aerial assaults, grasping their enemies with their raking claws before repeatedly plunging their stingers into their foes. Their poison quickly sapped the enemy's strength until the helpless victim was carried off into the sky. [3][1]


Advespas were ranked by the amount of additional markings on their abdomens.[2] Those with more colored markings were of higher station and usually the commanders of patrolling squads and swarms. They were normally in service to more powerful baatezu like the amnizus, capturing intruders of their domains.[1]


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The name "advespa" is likely derived from the Latin word for "wasp", vespa.




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