The Aearee-Krocaa was an aearee culture and one of the Aearee Empires during the Days of Thunder.[1]


Around −31,000 DR, on Mount Havraquoar somewhere in the west of Faerûn, the Aearee-Krocaa founded Viakoo, a grand aerie and home-nest that was to be the capital of their nation.[1]

Around −30,700 DR, a thousand Aearee-Krocaa were slain by a much smaller force of lammasu. The Aearee-Krocaa later experimented on domesticated landwyrms to create the first winged wyrms, or wyverns as the aearee named them. They supported their forces with wyvern armies, rapidly expanding the Aearee-Krocaa empire.[1]

Finally, around −30,000 DR, dragons all around Faerûn swarmed, forming the first Flight of Dragons. They assaulted the aearee everywhere, in the skies, on the land, and even underground. Descending on Viakoo from the skies, they completed razed it. This marked the fall of the Aearee Empires, the rise of the Time of Dragons, and the beginning of the Dawn Ages.[1]



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