The Aeltagarr was a sun elf sorceress and seer of the city of Lothen of the Silver Spires in Siluvanede around the 3rd century DR. She was known to be kindly and possessing magic enough to rival Magisters,[1] and she was revered as the most senior mage of the realm.[2]


The Aeltagarr was consulted by people of all races, who came to Lothen—the only place where other races were accepted—to get an audience with her.[1]


In the Year of the Flaming Forests, 224 DR, the adventuress Myrjala, in magical disguise as a Herald known as Huntinghorn, claimed to be a good friend of the Aeltagarr and to have seen in her scrying pool the forces of Athalantar using magic to slaughter Siluvanedenn elves and burn their woods in the Halangorn Forest in order to expand their kingdom, as happened in the spring. However, the Aeltagarr had not recognized the mage responsible.[note 1] Wildfires raged across the North. In a meeting at Morlin Castle, Myrjala reported this information to Highlord Falaeve of Siluvanede, but "Falaeve" was slain and revealed to be Ubriien Orlyn, Mage Royal of Athalantar, also in disguise and doubtless the mage responsible for the attacks.[2]



  1. Since Myrjala is in disguise, and is a false identity herself, it is unclear if the meeting with the Aeltagarr is true or not, but the intention seems to be that it is.


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