The Aerie of the Snow Eagles was the only known large settlement of the avariel left on Toril. Located on the eastern edge of the Great Glacier, the Aerie was a palace made of crystal built atop the sheared peak of Mount Sundabar.


Before the First Flowering, the avariel, who had left Faerie before many of the rest of their elf kin, found themselves the frequent victims of dragon attacks. The dragons, who favored avariel flesh, eventually drove the avariel to the brink of extinction, forcing the survivors to live squalid lives as destitute nomads, unable to take flight for fear of being eaten. They slowly traveled east, hoping that their draconic foes would not find them.

Millennia passed and eventually a group of avariel braved the climb up a remote and sheer mountain on the eastern fringe of Pelvuria. Curiously, the peak of the mountain was gone and instead they found a plateau. Assuming that the plateau was made by a Netherese arcanist to create one of their enclaves, the avariel decided to settle. Thankfully for the elves, the family of white dragons that had lived in the range had all been killed by a clan of dwarves not long previous. Safe from their ancient foes and isolated from those far below them on the ground, the winged elves managed to prosper.

In fact, so isolated were they that when the Retreat came in 1344 DR the Snow Eagle avariel failed to hear it. After a couple of decades though, Queen Amlaruil Moonflower heard of them and decided to send emissaries to the Aerie, hoping to inform her winged cousins of their potential new home.[1]



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