The Aerilpar Forest, also known as the Wood of Dark Trees, both for its animated jungle and the dangerous beasts that prowled it, was located in Veldorn in the Shining South.[2][3]


The Wood of Dark Trees was found between the Giant's Belt Mountains to the north and the Liontongue River to the south.[2]



Travelers fending off a dark tree and a flying snake in the Aerilpar Forest.

Among its more notable features was the Aerilpar Mound, also known as the Mound of the Sleepless.[3][4]

True to its name, the trees of this steamy forest were evil. It was widely rumored that the trees were some kind of animated monster created by a foul wizard.[2]


A host of monsters lived within the forest including flying snakes, dark trees, and a pair of mated chimerae.[2]



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