Afrafa was a female human monk and a member of the Disciples of St. Sollars the Twice-Martyred at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Despite her impoverished lifestyle, Afrafa was yet beautiful, with dark hair and wide eyes.[1]


Afrafa was energetic and had great bravery, toughness, and inner strength. She was entirely capable of looking after herself.

She held her fellow monk Kane as her idol, seeing him as the epitome of a monk of St. Sollars.

She was romantic at heart, and did not dislike men.[1]


Around 1359 DR, Afrafa journeyed about the foothills of the Earthspur Mountains and the Galena Mountains, in the Duchy of Arcata in Damara. She helped other folk wherever she could while she lived at a bare subsistence level.[1]

Often scoundrels and drunkards pursued and harassed the poor beautiful woman, causing trouble for her. However, the monk was more than capable of defending herself.[1]


Afrafa was born circa 1334 DR.[1]

At the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, Afrafa had an impressive rise through the order and performed many great feats. Notably, she was the youngest ever monk to ride a remorhaz, achieving this dangerous test of skill aged only 15 and as a very low-ranked monk, around 1349 DR.[1] This earned her the right to challenge for the rank of Master of Dragons.[2]

By the age of 25, in 1359 DR, Afrafa had become Master of the South Wind and the highest-ranked woman in the history of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. She was already preparing to challenge for the next rank. She followed the example set by Kane and took to wandering.[1]



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