"Against the Undead" was an unnamed, nondescript diary of a wizard from the Dalelands who traveled around the year 1349 DR and had a particular hatred for the undead. Due to its authorship, the tome had no actual title but was named so by one of its readers. After the mage's death, it appeared in various libraries across the Sword Coast, was sold to adventurers in Waterdeep, and was believed to be lost on a trek to the Hill of Lost Souls.[1]


This journal was nine inches tall and six inches wide, with a walnut cover wrapped in black leather. Its 94 pages were made of fine vellum, most of which were filled with the small, neat handwriting of the anonymous author.[1]


Against the Undead described the author's adventures through the Heartlands seeking out and destroying the tombs of undead abominations. It contained detailed descriptions of these crypts as well as the battles that occurred within. As such it was full of useful advice related to the destruction and disposal of all manner of undead from vampires to liches. The last entry relayed the author's foray into the lair of one of these vampires; most sages believed it to be the location of the author's death.[1]

List of spellsEdit

This book contained the following spells:



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