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Aganazzar, or Aganazzar of Neverwinter,[1] sometimes spelled Agannazar, was a renowned wizard of The Covenant and founder of Neverwinter's School of Wizardry.


The powerful wizard was credited for his creation of the well-known evocation spell Aganazzar's scorcher. The fire spell was inscribed on the first page of the Tome of the Covenant, and was distributed to his apprentices.[2][3][4]

Aganazzar also created the less well-known Aganazzar's amanuensis and Aganazzar's hurlgate spells.[5][6]

He was said to be patient and spent countless hours teaching students about the nature of the Weave.[1]



The School of Wizardry was founded in 457 DR by Aganazzar along with his fellow magic enthusiasts Ilyykur, Presper, and Grimwald.[7] Here, he tutored students, in particular Aubayreer until 479 DR, when the student left to continue his research in Myth Drannor.[1]

The four founders went on to form an alliance of mages known as the Covenant to promote peace among the kingdoms of the North, as well as to prepare them against conflicts with orcs[8]. In 1081 DR, the Red Wizards of Thay attacked the School of Wizardry and killed Aganazzar.[9]


Some time after the death of Aganazzar, the Red Wizards got their hands on the tome detailing the spell he created. From then on, the spell became used all over Faerûn, from novices to masters.[10]



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