Agatha was a banshee who haunted the Neverwinter Wood near Conyberry.[2]


The twisted visage of a long-dead elven maiden, her skin withered and stretched along her hollow face and her eyes bereft of color or any spark of life.
  — Excerpt from The Halfling's Gem

The banshee looked like she did in life: an elven maiden clad in a flowing gown. She was dead, though, her skin shriveled, and eyes staring pale and blind, but those eyes, while empty, saw all things.[2]


Never powerless, Agatha still retained the wizardry skills she had in life. She was seen throughout the Dessarin river region, but she avoided interactions with others, especially when she believed a powerful wizard was in the area. Agatha viewed the townsfolk of Conyberry as allies and would use her powers to bring food and protection to the community during harsh winters, including killing orcs or raiders who ventured too near the village.[3]

Agatha was still susceptible to flattery, taking gifts to coerce her vanity, in exchange for knowledge of the surrounding area, which the banshee knew a lot of.[4]


After Drizzt robbed the mask from her grove, she sought vengeance against anyone trying to steal from her home, killing them with her murderous wail.[1] While in combat, Agatha's favorite spell was lightning bolt, but she was constantly on the lookout for new spellbooks and magical items to add to her hoard.[2]


Map showing location of Agatha's Grove
as drawn by Markustay


She once possessed a magical mask, which could change the appearance of a person into any other race.[5] Outside her lair, she had hid spellbooks in several places, but most were useless to her because of her incorporeal state, so she used these for trading purposes.[2]

At one point in time, the banshee possessed a spellbook that was once owned by the legendary mage, Bowgentle. Agatha traded the book to a necromancer named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor in approximately 1380 DR. She did not know what became of Bowgentle's spellbook after that transaction.[6]


Her name was rumored to be a corrupt version of the Elven surname "Auglathla", which meant "Winterbreeze" in old Elvish.[1]

In 1356 DR,[7] she lost her mask when it was stolen by Companions of the Hall, Drizzt Do'Urden and Wulfgar.[8]





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