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Agathinon (singular and plural, pronounced: /ɑːˈgɑːθənɒna-GATH-uh-non[1]; also singular agathion, pronounced: /ɑːˈgθiɒna-GAY-thee-on[5] about this audio file listen, and plural agathia[note 1]) were good-natured spiritual messengers and warriors from the Upper Planes.[3]

The Netherese goddess of magic, Mystryl, employed these angels as messengers, along with many other noble beings.[6]


In their natural form, agathinon were somewhat elfish in form,[1][2][3][4] standing between five and seven feet and weighing between 130 and 190 pounds.[4] They had multicolored skin that shimmered like opals and eyes that glowed.[1][2][3][4] Male and female agathinon had the same height and weight.[1][2][3]

However, agathinon never appeared in their natural forms when on missions to other planes; they were always in disguise as something else. That something could be just about anything, humanoid, animal, or other creature, or even an inanimate object or weapon.[1][2][3] In any form, agathinon radiated a magical aura.[4]


An agathinon healing a fallen mortal.

When in the form of another creature, agathinon had could mimic both the physical and the magical abilities of the forms they took.[1][2][3][4] Additionally, when in the form of a human, agathinon were known to be able to cast divine spells like moderately advanced clerics.[1][2][3][4] In any living form, the agathinon could turn undead.[1][3][4]

If in the form of an inanimate object, they were able to grant any good person using the object with the power to cast low-powered clerical spells and the ability to turn undead.[1][2][3][4] If an evil person were to touch an agathinon in object form, he or she would be harmed by magical energy.[1][2][4]

Besides their powerful ability to change form at will to something roughly their size—with the associated qualities and powers[4]—and besides the inherent magical abilities common to all angels, agathinon could use clairaudience, clairvoyance,[1][2][3] or extra-sensory perception[1][2] to observe others at will, and they could hold others from moving.[1][2] They were able to become ethereal[1][2][3] or travel the Astral Plane[3] whenever they desired.

An agathinon was immune to magic spells that would drain life or cause instant death, to disintegration, and to positive energy.[1][2][4] They could not be harmed by mundane weapons.[1][2][3][4]

Agathinon could communicate to any creature in any language using their telepathy.[1][2][3][4]

Like other angels, an agathinon could not be slain if not on its home plane; instead, its spirit would reform on its home plane over a period of between ten and sixty years.[3]


Agathinon were stoic and uncompromising. As warriors, they were fearless unto death.[1][2] On missions to the Material Plane, they were benevolent and kind.[3] They were utterly devoted to the cause of good.[1]


Despite being warriors of the celestial realms, agathinon never fought in their natural forms; they always either transformed into a powerful creature to fight in that form or else they turned into a weapon for another warrior to wield.[1][2][4] If somehow forced to fight in its natural form, an agathinon's touch inflicted damage from positive energy.[3]

If in the form of a human, agathinon favored typical clerical blunt weapons.[1][2][3][4] They did not wear armor; as shapeshifters, they felt hindered by such an outer "shell". They did sometimes use shields.[4]


Agathinon were the warriors of the aasimar.[1][2] If the Blood War ever spilled into the Upper Planes, the agathinon were the ones to respond.[4] There were great multitudes of them in the Upper Planes,[3] yet they almost always worked alone when sent to the Prime[1][2][3] by a celestial stewards or one of gods or goddesses directly.[1][2] In this role, their purpose was to aid mortals against evil.[1][2]

When taking a form on the Material Plane, they most often chose a human form. A little more than a quarter of the time, they but appear as some other creature, and only one in ten times would they take the form of a magic object.[1][3]

When serving as warriors, they were the elite troops of the celestial armies, found in the vanguard in numbers as much as a hundred strong. They usually fought in human form but would take the forms of more powerful creatures as needed.[1][2]



  1. The original spelling in 1st edition was "agathion", a real-world term for a familiar spirit. 2nd edition changed the spelling to "agathinon". Whether this was a misspelling, an attempt to distinguish the angel type from the planar layer of the same name, or a distancing from occultic terminology is not known.



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