The Agency was a mercenary adventuring company active in the early 1360s DR.[1]


The Agency had a very unusual roster of members: three elves, namely a blade bard, a bladesinger, and a wilderness ranger; a tabaxi; an aarakocra; a cat hengeyokai; a gnome priest with mechanical parts; and a human militant wizard.[1]

They were a former mercenary unit,[2] and many of the members had worked with various mercenary companies, mainly the Mindulgulph Mercenary Company. For their experience with how mercenaries operated, a number of mercenary corps trusted them and hired them for special missions. They were considered to be almost a mercenary company themselves.[1]


Before becoming the Agency, the original mercenary unit scuttled the Sea Jewel, a ship of the Wraith of the Inner Sea privateering company, which was on a contract with Turmish at the time. The dromond sunk with all crew lost.[2]



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