Agitate wounds was a rare necromantic spell from the southern magic tradition that increased the severity of wounds on the target creature.[1][2][note 1]


This spell caused open wounds to bleed profusely and/or reopened wounds that had been recently bandaged. Only wounds caused by an edged weapon were affected. The loss of blood was damaging to the target and, unless the victim resisted the spell, blood loss continued until the wounds were treated (or treated again). Creatures without blood or with regeneration abilities were unaffected by the spell.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a pinch of salt as a material component.[1][2]



  1. Spells of the southern magic tradition were created in the Old Empires region and written down with the help of Thoth mage-script, a secret magic language, and thus only usable by the initiated.


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