Aglanthol the Red was the second High Mage of Silverymoon, having taking over as leader of the city from his uncle, Ecamane Truesilver in 712 DR.[1]


It was under Aglanthol's reign, in 714 DR, that the great elven city of Myth Drannor fell to demons. Many noble heroes from Silverymoon hurried to the elves' aid and managed to help rescue some of their more prominent nobles and scholars. Some Silvaeren gave their lives in this endeavour.[1]

Despite these heroics, the following years would see other citizens of Silverymoon attempt to plunder the ruins of Myth Drannor via a portal.[2] In doing so, they brought in fiendish creatures from the Outer Planes to the Gem of the North and a battle ensued. Aglanthol died in combat, in the Year of the Lost Lord, defending his city from these devils and demons.[1]



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