Aglaraerose was an ancient green dragon who lived in a mountain known as the Fang in the Forest in the Earthfast Mountains.[1]


She swallowed a Thayan wizard who was a master of life draining magic and absorbed his abilities. She was able to extend her life far beyond her normal lifespan by stealing the life force of other creatures.[1]


Aglaraerose had a unique patch of rough scales on her belly.[1]


As a young adult dragon, she often attacked brigands and ships in the Nelanther Isles. Some of her foes used powerful magics against her, which convinced her to move inland to the Shaar.

She disappeared from the historical record for centuries but reappeared in Veldorn in the 14th century DR, where she and the red dragon Klauth devoured a horde of orcs in the Spine of the World in 1339 DR. She retired to her lair soon after and slept for several decades.

She re-emerged in 1351 DR to eat the entire Lost Caravan of Taeremel near Hardcastle in the Shaar.

Later, she forced a group of dwarves to build a trap-filled lair known as the Lure of Jaws, although she compensated them well and allowed them to depart with their lives. The dwarves spread the tale that a lone dragon slept in a lair filled with treasure, which attracted many adventurers. from whom she drained of their life forces.[1]


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