Aglarondan was a regional tongue of East Faerûn and the official language of Aglarond.[1][2][3]


Aglarondan was spoken from Dahst in the north to the Yuirwood in the south, and from Ingdal's Arm in the west to Glarendar in the east.[1] Other regions where it was commonly spoken included: Altumbel, Chessenta, the Dragon Coast, Impiltur, Mulhorand, Rashemen, Thesk, the Vast, and the Wizards' Reach.[2][4] Elves of Sildëyuir and the Yuirwood spoke Aglarondan fluently.[5]


Aglarondan used the elven alphabet of Espruar,[3] which was rare for human languages.


Some scholars placed Aglarondan in the broad Thorass language family, along with such languages as was as Common, Chondathan, and Turmic.[6] Other scholars argued that Aglarondan had more similarities with Damaran, an Ulou language, than with the other Thorass tongues.[7] (Nearly two-thirds of humans in Aglarond were Damarans.[8]) All scholars were in agreement, however, that Aglarondan was strongly influenced by the Elven language, as it had many Elven loan words (especially of green elf origin) and used the Elven alphabet.[9][7]


Common Aglarondan surnames included Aengrilor, Dulsaer, Gelebraes, Jacerryl, Telstaerr, and Uthelienn. Typical first names for men included Aelthas, Courynn, Folcoerr, Gaedynn, Mourgram, Sealmyd, and Yuiredd. Women might have names like Blaera, Courynna, Lynneth, Maera, Mourna, or Wydda.[10]

"Simbul", one of the other titles of Alassra Silverhand, the Witch-Queen of Aglarond, quite literally means "watchful warrior-wizard" in Aglarondan.[citation needed]


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